Wholesale Survival Kits & Emergency Supplies

The Living Rational Wholesale Program is catered towards schools, businesses and organizations who are looking to order emergency supplies and survival kits as part of their preparedness planning efforts. Whether your organization is located in a natural disaster prone area of the United States or you work for a school and would like to have supplies on hand in case of an emergency, we offer all of the equipment you need.

We provide a diverse product catalog which includes everything from earthquake supplies, to complete survival kits for groups of any size; small or large. Our competitive pricing means you can obtain emergency preparedness supplies at the most competitive prices in the marketplace. You can learn more about our wholesale program below, or request a quote at any time.



Popular Wholesale Products

Preparing Your Business or Organization for Emergencies

One of the highest priorities for any business owner or organization is ensuring the safety of its employees and staff. In an emergency, basic supplies may be unavailable for a short to long period of time depending on the severity of the scenario. In situations like these, having emergency supplies handy can prove to be a life-saving tool when combined with other preparedness measures.

Things like food, water, safety equipment and survival gear are staples of each emergency kit we offer. Whether an emergency requires your staff to stay put for a few days, or evacuate, we offer a wide variety of kits and supplies to fit your needs. Each of our survival kits include a variety of supplies to cover anywhere from 1 to 10 people depending on your needs.

While our kits are all inclusive and come with all of the supplies needed for survival, they are kept compact and lightweight. This means they can be easily stored in desk drawers, closets or designated storage areas. All of our kits are packaged in either durable backpacks, duffle bags or buckets which are easy to carry if an emergency requires you to move locations or evacuate.

Preparedness Planning

On top of having emergency kits on hand, it is also important to learn as much as possible about the most likely emergencies or natural disasters that are common in the area you’re located in. Being informed on the dangers in your area is one of the first steps in being fully prepared. With this in mind, you should come up with an emergency plan and go over it with your employees. This can help your team stay organized and avoid confusion or chaos during an emergency. For additional information be sure to checkout the resources below:

Ordering Survival Kits Wholesale

To order wholesale survival kits & emergency supplies, just browse our website and choose which items you are interested in. Once you have an idea of which supplies & kits you are looking for, fill out our wholesale quote and we’ll get back to you with our lowest wholesale pricing. You can also reach us via live chat or email for added convenience. We look forward to assisting your organization and supplying you with all of your preparedness needs!