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Texas Hunting Accident Leaves Connecticut State Trooper Dead

Posted On February 9, 2016 at 5:08 pm by / No Comments

Every year we hear story after story of accidental shootings taking place while people are hunting. Many of these stories do not end in the loss of life, but inevitably, some do. This past weekend, while on a hunting trip in Texas, a man from Maine fatally shot a Connecticut state trooper whom was part of his hunting party.
51-year old Alvin Chase is being investigated by Texas police for the shooting death of Stephen Davis but has not yet been charged.
The incident occurred in Maverick County as the day began winding down. The party was out hunting wild boar when Chase mistook Davis for a wild animal. Instinct immediately kicked in and Chase fired the shots that ended Davis’ life.

The actual shooting took place shortly after 6PM, and police arrived to the scene within a half hour. About one hour after all of that Davis was pronounced dead on the scene after suffering a gunshot to the left side of his body. Though Chase has not been charged as of yet, the authorities are still investigating. Chase maintains that this whole incident was nothing more than a grave accident, but the police are forced to look into it nonetheless. A new fact that has surfaced claims that Davis was wearing a black shirt which perhaps made him more difficult to distinguish during the twilight hours of the day.

This just serves as yet another example of being absolutely certain when you fire a weapon. People often lose sight of how powerful a hunting gun is, and those kinds of mental lapses make firing off a few rounds at what might be an animal not that big of a deal. At the end of the day, the golden rule for hunters is that each and every shot must be made with absolute mental certainty as to what is being shot at.

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