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Texas College Students Able to Conceal-Carry on Campus

Posted On March 3, 2016 at 5:42 am by / No Comments

The nature of individual state gun laws is confusing because they vary drastically depending on what part of the country you are in. Generally speaking, gun laws are a bit more liberal in the south and a bit more restrictive in the north. This was proven true once again now that we are reporting that students at public, state-run universities in Texas will be allowed to carry concealed weapons so long as they have the proper permits.

Thanks to legislation passed last year, the first of August, 2016 marks the date on which students can carry their weapons around campus. Proponents of the legislation hold that if students are armed, the likelihood of a mass shooting taking place is slim to none. Furthermore, they hold that if a shooting were to break out, the carnage resulting from it would be muted due to the belief that the killer would be stopped by a student carrying a gun legally.

Of course, as you might expect, an overwhelming majority of Texas academics hold that guns on campus undermine the purpose of a higher education facility in the first place. University of Texas at Austin President, who opposes the legislation, made his case by saying, “The presence of handguns at an institution of higher learning is contrary to our mission of education and research, which is based on inquiry, free speech, and debate.”

Another point made in reference to this law is what this might mean for sexual assaults on Texas campuses. Studies show that the presence of guns in cases of sexual assault almost always makes the situation worse. Seeing as sexual assault is a common crime on university campuses, there is a strong feeling that having guns in the equation will only make Texas campuses more violent than they need to be. Though the law is still a long way from being implemented, it is already the source of plenty of controversy across the state. It will be interesting to see, a year from now, what, if any, changes this new piece of legislation actually brings about on Texas campuses

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