Two Week Deluxe Survival Kit Backpack

Two Week Deluxe Survival Kit Backpack

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  • Ideal for 1-2 People

  • Made for Natural Disasters & Emergencies

  • Built with Durable Duffle Bag on wheels


The deluxe version of our popular Two Week Survival Backpack is one of the most comprehensive emergency kits available today. Each pack includes a very generous amount of food and water supplies in addition to a wide variety of emergency essentials. Think of this survival backpack as the more expansive version of other traditional two week kits.

As its name suggests, this survival kit is designed to last one person up to two weeks, but this is if it is only being used by one person. If you are using this kit for two or more people, it can last for closer to a week depending on how you utilize the supplies. This makes it extremely versatile and able to be used across many different applications.

The survival kit is packaged in a high quality, durable red backpack enabling it to be transported with little effort. Even though each kit is packed full of food and emergency supplies, the total weight is only 27 pounds. With all of the survival equipment included in the 2 Week Deluxe Survival Backpack, it can be perfect to take with you while hiking, camping or hunting.

If you have any questions about this kit or would like any more information from Living Rational, we welcome you to get in touch via our contact page. Be sure to also check out our other popular products like the 2 Person Ultimate Survival Kit.