Guardian Survival Pal

Guardian Survival Pal

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  • Ideal for 1 Person

  • Basic Survival Bag

  • Great for Earthquakes, Natural Disasters and Emergencies

  • Kit Built with Durable Carrying Bag


**All of our kit items are packed securely in a resealable, waterproof storage bag

This survival kit is made by Guardian Survival Gear and is intended to be used by one person. Packaged in a waterproof red cooler box, these kits are extremely lightweight and can be kept in your home, automobile or even at the office. Weighing in at only about 6 lbs, they contain enough food rations and water supply for an adult to survive for up to 3 days. While the food is somewhat limited, the survival tools it contains can last much longer than this.

This survival kit is among the most basic and cost effective 72 hour kits offered by Guardian. While it only contains the bare essentials in terms of food and water, you can use it in conjunction with other meal kits in order for it to last longer. Containing a variety of lightweight items like a sleeping bag, survival poncho, AM/FM radio and other standard tools, this kit is among the most comprehensive basic survival kits on the market.

Because each Survival Pal is so compact, they are able to be used by both adults and children and can be carried along with you almost anywhere. Whether you are looking for a cheap survival kit for your preparedness plan or some extra emergency gear to take with you on your next outdoor adventure, the Guardian Survival Pal can be a great addition to your supplies.

If you would like to learn more about the Guardian Survival Pal or any of our other preparedness products, feel free to get in touch with us via our contact page.