Guardian Classroom Lockdown Kit

Guardian Classroom Lockdown Kit

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  • Ideal for Classrooms

  • Great for Earthquakes, Natural Disasters and Emergencies

  • Kit Built with Sturdy Bucket and Lid


The Classroom Lockdown Kit is the perfect addition to any classroom or school facility to be used in the event of an emergency. Though you may not be able to prevent a disastrous event from occurring, you can definitely be prepared and able to handle anything that is thrown your way. This small, affordable kit is meant to help treat injuries, prevent additional ailments from occurring, and, most importantly, sustain the lives of everyone who may be stuck or stranded.

With things like water purification tablets, large tarps, and a 30+ piece first-aid kit, it is clear to see that this survival kit is extremely versatile. This kit may not be able to take care of severe injuries such as large lacerations and broken bones, but it can provide medical assistance until professional help is able to be accessed. The last place people expect a disaster scenario to unfold is in the classroom, but the reality is that disaster can strike anywhere.

If you have any questions about the Guardian Classroom Lockdown Kit or any of Living Rational’s other products, do not hesitate to ask. Also, be sure to check out our selection of other emergency survival kits, most of which complement this product perfectly.