Guardian Blackout Kit

Guardian Blackout Kit

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  • Ideal for Blackouts and Electrical Outages

  • Great for Individuals and Families Alike

  • Kit Built with Durable Carrying Bag


The Guardian Blackout Kit is meant to help individuals and families make it through blackouts without having to scramble around the house looking for supplies in the dark. Though you may have never experienced an electrical blackout, that does not mean you shouldn’t be prepared as they can happen at any time with little to no warning. Compared to those offered by other companies, this product is an affordable, sensible buy.

In the event of an electrical blackout, the number one concern for any homeowner is how they will go about illuminating their house. Packed with flashlights, matches, and candles, this blackout kit can make even the darkest houses light enough to navigate with ease. Packaged in a small, resealable bag, this product can be stored and taken with you anywhere. Blackouts might be on the bottom of your list of concerns, but one severe storm can make them a very real thing for a lot of people.

Because electrical blackouts will usually take out your heat and all normal methods of communication, this kit offers a multi-purpose flashlight with an AM/FM radio. It also includes several items to keep you warm in case you are without proper heat.

Questions regarding this and our many other products do arise, so we encourage you to ask us anything that comes to mind. Our staff is available via our contact page. This product is in stock, ready to ship and can arrive at your house in no more than a few business days.