72 Hour Earthquake Emergency Go Bag

72 Hour Earthquake Emergency Go Bag

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  • Ideal for 1 Person

  • Specially Designed for Earthquakes

  • Built with Durable Red Backpack

  • Lightweight; Just Grab & Go


As one of our most basic and cost-effective survival kits, this go bag will cover all of your basic needs in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Earthquakes can happen without warning, providing you with little time to pack your bags and get to safety. In situations like earthquakes, having a go bag prepared beforehand can go a long way when one occurs. Our Earthquake Go Bags are self descriptive, and made to "grab and go" after an earthquake.

This all inclusive emergency kit has been designed specifically for use after an earthquake. Each backpack is built to last one person for up to 72 hours, and includes a wide range of supplies necessary for survival when modern conveniences are unavailable. All of the supplies are packaged in a durable red backpack, and each one includes a variety of food and water, flashlights, blankets and more.

Because earthquakes can sometimes cause damage to a cities infrastructure, water pipes can break, leaving those in the area without access to clean water. With three days worth of water in the form of 5 year shelf life pouches, you will be able to survive if you temporarily lose access to your normal drinking water source. In addition to water, 2 - 3,600 calorie food bars are also included, which are able to sustain one person for 3 days.

Besides food and water, this kit includes a large amount of other items that are necessary for survival including a first aid kit, hygiene supplies, poncho (for rain), light sticks, and a mylar blanket for warmth. Not only will this kit aid in your survival, but it can also enable you to get through the emergency in comfort.

If you have any questions about our 72 Hour Earthquake Go Bag, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact page. Be sure to view our full range of Earthquake Kits for more options, or check out our Earthquake Supplies and be prepared for the next natural disaster.