5 Gallon Solar Shower

5 Gallon Solar Shower

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  • Heats 5 Gallons of Water

  • Good for 3-4 Showers

  • Includes On/Off Switch & Shower Head


The portable 5 Gallon Solar Shower is perfect for taking with you on camping and hiking trips or for packing in your survival kit. Each shower is capable of heating 5 gallons of water which can provide up to 4 showers for one person. Weighing just over one pound, the Portable Solar Shower is easy to store in survival kits, backpacks and more.

Aside from its uses as a portable shower, it can also be used for other tasks including washing dishes. The handle makes them easy to carry and means they can be hung virtually anywhere. Each shower comes complete with an on/off control, hose and shower head. When empty, they can be folded into a compact space for easy storage.

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