10-Person OSHA First Aid Kit 75-Piece

10-Person OSHA First Aid Kit 75-Piece

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  • Ideal for ~10 People

  • Great for General Safety and Emergency Preparedness

  • Includes Many Different Supplies to Cover All Needs


  • Exceeds & Meets ANSI Z308.1-2003 Standard and OSHA 1910.15 Standard.

  • Contains an Assortment of Practical, Single-Use Disposable Items to Treat Injuries in a Sanitary and Simple Way.

  • Treats a Variety of Injuries from Cuts & Scrapes, Stings & Bites to Bruises & Burns.

  • Multi-Use First-Aid Kit Designed for Use in the Work Place for Up to 10 Employees.

  • Ideal for Light Industry, Contractors, and Job Sites.

  • Used by Health Care Professionals.

Packaged in a Hard Plastic Case with Handle and Wall Mountable Bracket