Micropur Water Purification Tablets

Micropur Water Purification Tablets (20-Pack)


15 Gallon Bulk Water Storage Kit

15 Gallon Bulk Water Storage Kit

HydroPack Emergency Water Filter


  • Ideal for Hiking, Camping & Outdoor Activities
  • Highest Purity Levels of any Personal Water Filter
  • Blocks Bacteria, Viruses and Parasites
  • Non-Clogging Filter (Expanded Water Source Options)
  • Dilute Sports Drink Enhances Hydration & Improves User Performance

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The HydroPack is a personal water purification system that utilizes a forward osmosis membrane filter. This system is easy to use and capable of blocking out bacteria, parasites and viruses to provide you with clean drinking water virtually anywhere. Just place one of the pouches in any water source for 10 hours for 400 milliliters of drinkable water.

Each of these packs contain a total of six single use pouches that include a dilute sports drink to enhance hydration. The HydroPack is unique, and works differently from many other purification systems on the market. To use, just place the pouch in any water source and the pouch will hydrate in about 10 hours.

If you have any questions about the HydroPack Emergency Water Filter, or any of our other products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact page. For additional options, be sure to check out the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter and the Water Filtration Bottle.


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