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Preparedness Seed Combination Pack


Everlasting Garden Preparedness Seeds Bucket

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Herb Garden Preparedness Seeds Bucket


  • Ideal for Growing Your Own Food
  • Great for Earthquakes, Natural Disasters and Emergencies
  • Perfect for Self-Sustaining Preparedness

Lead time: 2-3 weeks

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This product is made to allow a person or family to plant an herb garden for themselves. With the threat of peril seemingly around every corner nowadays, one can never truly know when they will need to become almost wholly self-sufficient. Affordable, transportable, and easy to store, this product is the best alternative to continuously spending money at the grocery store.

An oft-overlooked aspect of food, herbs provide immense flavor to an otherwise bland dish. Being some of the easiest plants to maintain, herbs can more or less sustain themselves without too much care or attention. What’s more, herbs are resistant to harsh weather and can grow in most any climate. So long as you store these seeds in the appropriate conditions, they will stay viable for many many years to come.

If you have any questions about this or any of our other products, we encourage you to send us an email inquiry. This product and many others are available and ready for shipping so that they are at your door in only a matter of days. With all of today’s modern conveniences, one can never truly know when they will need to become self-sufficient, but with this product they can always be prepared.


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