Guardian Hunter’s Deluxe Survival Kit


  • Ideal for Hunters
  • Great for Being in the Wilderness
  • Kit Built with Durable Backpack

Lead time: 2-3 weeks


This product puts a spin on the traditional survival kit by giving one the tools to be self-sufficient in about any emergency. With tools and products able to assist in accruing life-sustaining nourishment, even though you may be lost, you can ensure that you will never be without food. After all, feeding one’s self is the utmost concern for anyone who becomes stranded in the wilderness.

This product, like most of our complete survival kits, provide the tools and supplies to make an unexpected stay in the wilderness a bit easier. Unlike our other survival kits, however, this product is also equipped with tools to allow the person or people who are stranded to go out and find food on their own. Hunting and fishing are by no means easy tasks, but this survival kit can make them much more feasible.

Packaged in a resealable, waterproof storage bag, this product can be taken just about anywhere without issue. It’s lightweight and comes complete with a backpack for easy transportation, making it great to take with you into the outdoors. Whether you are going hiking, camping or hunting, this kit can give you peace of mind by providing you with a backup plan incase something goes wrong.

If any inquiries or concerns arise with regard to this kit or any of our other products, feel free to get in touch with us via our contact page. This product is ready to be shipped directly to your door to allow for use during your next trip into the wilderness.


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What's Included

Water and Food Products

  • 12 – 4 oz Water Pouches
  • 6 – 400 Calorie Food Bars (2400 Calories)
  • 10 Water Purification Tablets – each tablet purifies 1 liter of water

Communication Products

  • Dynamo 4-in-1 Flashlight (Flashlight, Radio, Siren, Charger)
  • 30 Hour Emergency Candle
  • 12 Hour Green Emergency Glow Stick
  • Box of Waterproof Matches

Clothing Products

  • Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag
  • 16-20 Hour Body Warmer
  • Orange Poncho with Hood

Tool Products

  • N95 NIOSH Dust Mask
  • Roll of Duct Tape
  • 50 ft. of Nylon Rope
  • 16 Function Swiss Army Style Knife
  • 5′ x 7′ Blue Tarp
  • Waste Bag
  • Multi-Function Shovel (nail puller, hatchet edge, saw edge, hammer, wrench with 3 different sizes, a bottle opener, a water filled compass, a waterproof container. Inside the waterproof container you will find a box of matches, 2 nails, a sharp razor blade, fishing line, bobbers, and hooks)

Cleanliness Products

  • 24 Piece Deluxe Hygiene Kit
  • Tooth Brush
  • Tooth Paste
  • 9 Wet Naps
  • Soap
  • Shampoo/ Conditioner
  • Dental Floss Pick
  • Hand/ Body Lotion
  • Deodorant Gel
  • Twin Blade Razor
  • 5” Black Comb
  • 4 Maxi pads/ Bandages
  • Washcloth
  • Shaving Cream
  • 3 Pocket Tissue Packs

First Aid Products

  • Guardian 65 Piece Deluxe First Aid Kit

Entertainment and Miscellaneous Products

  • Deck of Standard Playing Cards
  • Note Pad
  • Pencil