5 Gallon Collapsible Water Jug

5 Gallon Collapsible Water Jug


Emergency Survival Knife

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Backpacker’s Survival Stove w/ Fuel Tablets


  • Ideal for Survival Kits or Hiking Packs
  • Foldable for Easy Storage
  • Burns Odorless
  • Easy to Ignite

Out of stock | Lead time: 2-3 weeks


The Backpacker’s Survival Stove is foldable, compact and lightweight making it perfect for including in your survival kit or hiking backpack. This stove is ideal for cooking meals outdoors or preparing emergency food in survival scenarios during natural disasters. The stove uses fuel tablets which burn with no odors and are easy to light in all weather conditions. Each stove comes with 24 tablets and you can evenĀ order replacements.

When it comes to camping, hiking and backpacking, being able to cook your meals quickly can save you valuable time. Having a small stove with you can make things like cooking, boiling water and making coffe much simpler. Each stove is collapsible and built with lightweight materials, so you can get the most out of the space in your pack.

If you have questions about the Backpacker’s Survival Stove or any of our other products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact page. Make sure you check out our entire collection of Portable Survival Stoves for more options.


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