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72 Hour Premium Student Survival Kit


2 Person Home Emergency Kit

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8 Person Severe Weather Emergency Kit


  • Ideal for 8 People
  • Specially Designed for Hurricanes, Tornadoes & Other Sever Weather
  • Packaged in a Heavy Duty Duffle Bag

Out of stock | Lead time: 2-3 weeks


This Emergency Kit is perfect for taking with you during an evacuation and can even be used in a storm shelter. Great for a large family, each kit contains a minimum of 3 days worth of supplies for eight people. Packaged in a convenient duffle bag, this Severe Weather Emergency Kit can be easily stored or transported in the event of a natural disaster. This kit is great for emergencies like tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and other severe weather.

This kit is good for most anyone, but for those that live in parts of the United States that are prone to hurricanes and tornadoes, it is an especially sensible purchase. When a natural disaster does strike, it is not at all uncommon to be without help from the outside world. During that time, you will be forced to rely on yourself, and if you have other people who are also relying on you, challenges begin to present themselves quickly.

This product has enough supplies to satisfy the survival needs of a relatively large group of people who may be stranded after a storm or other severe weather incident. With first-aid supplies to take care of injuries, clothing to help keep you warm, and a plethora of other useful tools and items, the utility of this kit knows no bounds. In most cases, it is impossible to be fully prepared for anything and everything Mother Nature throws your way, so by purchasing kits like this you are at least prepared for when a disaster does butt its ugly head.

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