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Guardian Elite Survival Kit

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4 Person Guardian Deluxe Survival Kit


  • Ideal for 4 People
  • Great for Earthquakes, Natural Disasters and Emergencies
  • Kit Built with Durable Carrying Bag

Lead time: 2-3 weeks


Being that very few people find themselves in the aftermath of a disaster or stranded in the wilderness alone, this Deluxe Survival Kit is meant to serve up to 4 people. Considered to be a step above your standard survival kit, this product goes the extra length when it comes to providing you with the necessary survival tools and equipment. With that said, it only provides you with things you will absolutely need in survival situations, and nothing unnecessary or unneeded. Packaged in a convenient duffle bag with straps, this kit is as light as possible and easy to transport in an emergency.

With items including water and food, personal hygiene products, first-aid supplies, and survival tools, it is clear to see that this kit has all its bases covered. While this product alone will not allow for survival over extended periods of time, it can provide for the needs of a small group of people for a week or more and help you get started on your mission of surviving.

On top of it all, this kit is incredibly easy to transport and is able to be stored in the waterproof bag it is packaged in. This is great for situations involving natural disasters like hurricanes or floods, and also convenient to take with you into the outdoors should you experience harsh weather by keeping all your supplies dry.

If you have any inquiries regarding this kit or any of our other products, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. If you wish to speak with our staff, simply get in touch with us via our contact page.


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