Dynamo Waterproof Flashlight

Dynamo Waterproof Flashlight


Dynamo Emergency Lantern with Radio

Dynamo Emergency Lantern with Radio

4-in-1 Dynamo Emergency Flashlight


  • No Batteries Needed
  • Charges Phones
  • Powered by Hand Crank
  • AM/FM Radio and Emergency Siren Built In

Lead time: 2-3 weeks


This Multi-Function Emergency LED Flashlight also serves as an AM/FM radio, an emergency siren, and a cell phone charger. Versatile and durable, this flashlight is perfect to have on hand during any emergency and can also be a great tool to take with you while camping, hiking or hunting. Simply wind the crank handle for one minute, and you are supplied with over an hour of light or 2-8 minutes of talk time on your cell phone. This particular product is the perfect mix of technology and functionality and should be included in every survival kit.

Often times, people who love adventure do not adequately prepare themselves for the many dangers that are associated with it. Whether it be hiking through the woods, traveling through a remote region, or rafting down a river, the undeniable truth is that danger lies around most every corner. In the matter of moments, an otherwise relaxing, leisurely day can be turned into a survival scenario that threatens your life. Though you may never know when disaster will strike, you can always be prepared; and this product is part of any adequate preparation process.

This 4-in-1 Dynamo Flashlight can come to your aid in a number of different ways, all of which can help you make it out of a dangerous situation. If your phone is dead and you cannot get in touch with anyone, this flashlight is able to charge your phone such that you can make a potentially life-saving call. Of course, this product can also provide light in times when other sources are unavailable. When it comes down to it, this product is a must-have for anyone simply because it can be used in so many different ways in the event of an emergency.

If any questions regarding this Emergency Flashlight or any of our other products at Living Rational arise, feel free to reach out to us via our contact page. Be sure to view other handy backup lighting options like the Dynamo Emergency Lantern and the Dynamo Waterproof Flashlight for more variety. We look forward to helping you and answering all of your questions.


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