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2 Gallon Wise Fire Fuel Source Bucket


Disaster Relief Blanket (Wool)

Disaster Relief Blanket (Wool)

4 Gallon Wise Fire Fuel Source Bucket


  • Start Fires Quickly and Easily
  • Weather Resistant Fire Source
  • Easy to Store

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The 4 Gallon Wise Emergency Fuel Source Bucket contains a simple fire starter that will start right away in any condition. This kit includes No harmful chemicals, making it extremely safe to use. Its light-weight build makes it easy to store and transport and it will burn in any conditions. This is among the most popular emergency fuel sources currently available in the preparedness industry, and can be used in a variety of other non life-threatening situations as well like camping and hiking.

The Wise Brand is known for their top-shelf survival gear, and this product fits that bill perfectly. What’s more, this, like most other Wise products, has a shelf-life of more than two decades. This means that you can always be prepared for the worst and able to start a fire no matter what mother nature might throw your way.

If you are a regular camper or outdoorsman, becoming lost or stranded is a very real possibility. In a lot of cases, someone who becomes lost is told to remain put until help comes and finds them. Remaining put will help conserve energy, but without the proper survival gear, you are in a race against time before you succumb to hunger, thirst, or any other ailment stemming from the survival scenario you were put into. By adding this kit to your survival arsenal, you will always have fire at the ready which will make it easier to cook food, boil water or keep you warm.

Even in unsavory weather conditions such as rain, ice, or snow, this product is able to burn effectively and for an extended period of time. Whether it be to keep you warm, cook food, or provide light, fire is a necessity when left to your own devices out in the wilderness. On top of it all, this emergency fuel source is extremely easy to use such that a fire can be crafted by even the most inexperienced outdoorsmen.

If you have any questions about this product or any of our other Emergency Fuel Sources, we encourage you to reach out to customer service team via our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you and answering all of your preparedness and outdoor related questions.


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