Deluxe Boxed Student Survival Kit


  • Ideal for 1 Person
  • Packaged in a White 8″ x 8″ x 5″ Box
  • Easy to Store

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This is one of the most basic and cost effective school emergency kits we have to offer. With only the bare essentials needed for one student to survive for up to three days without other supplies, these kits are lightweight and take up very little space. This makes them perfect for schools to have on hand in an emergency.

For parents, it is often believed that when at school students are in the safest environment possible and that nothing can go wrong. That is why when something like an earthquake or tornado takes place, you want to be sure that your children are completely prepared for the worst. Most natural disasters strike with little warning and stand the chance of trapping students in their school for days at a time. When this happens, your child’s best shot of being comfortable is through the supplies included in a survival kit.

With first-aid supplies, a child subjected to a natural disaster while at school will have all the tools he or she needs to take care of most minor injuries. In addition, there are comfort items so that getting some sleep or simply staying warm will not be an issue. Like most adult survival kits, this one is over-equipped such that it can help someone survive comfortably for days and days on end.

Understanding that there is no real way of knowing when adequate help will arrive, multi-day survival may be exactly what the students in question will be subjected to. There is no such thing as being over prepared, and if you are in an area that is particularly prone to natural disasters.

Each of these 3 Day Deluxe Boxed Survival Kits are packaged in a small box that measures just 8″ x 8″ x 5″. This makes them both easy to distribute and store in ether single quantities or in bulk. With items like an emergency mylar blanket, poncho, food and water, each kit has you covered across all spectrums.

If after reading this description you have any lingering questions or concerns, we encourage you to get in touch with us via our contact page. Be sure to also check out our Premium Boxed Student Survival Kit and our Classroom Lockdown Kit for more options.


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What's Included

  • 4 – Aqua Blox Emergency Drinking Water
  • 1 – 2400 Calorie Emergency Food Bar
  • 1 – Emergency Mylar Blanket
  • 1 – Emergency Poncho with Hood
  • 1 – Cyalume Green Light Stick
  • 1 – Pocket Tissue Pack
  • 9 – Sanitary Cleansing Towelettes
  • 1 – Safety Whistle
  • 1 – Protective Nuisance Dust Mask
  • 1 – First Aid Kit
  • 1 – Content Card

Note: Survival kits and backpacks will temporarily ship without N95 face masks. Suppliers have sent remaining inventory to healthcare professionals.