1440 Servings

1440 Serving ReadyWise Breakfast and Entree Meal Package


Wise 72 Hour Emergency Food Supply

72 Hour Food Kit

2160 Serving ReadyWise Breakfast and Entree Meal Package


  • 2,160 Total Meal Servings
  • Includes Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • 25 Year Shelf Life
  • Packaged in Buckets
  • Quick and Easy to Prepare
  • 6 months of food for 4 adults

Lead time: 3-4 weeks


This product is meant for the forward-thinking individual who does not want to have to worry about acquiring food should a disaster unfold. Of course, a survival situation will likely require more than food alone, but the prospect of finding food in the wake of a natural disaster or while stranded in the wilderness is a daunting one. With more than 2,000 delicious, gourmet meal options, this product will keep you fed for much more than just a few days.

When it comes down to it, there is really no way to prepare for disaster. Inherently, most disasters strike unexpectedly and without much forewarning. This means that those who find themselves dealing with the aftermath of disaster are forced to be self-sufficient. Part of being self-sufficient is being able to feed yourself and your family. With this product, which can sit on a shelf for more than 20 years, finding food in the event of a disaster will never be something you have to worry about.

Though it is true that victims of disaster are often not afforded the luxury of being picky eaters, this product has some leeway in that regard. ReadyWise works very hard to ensure that their survival food kits are not only packed with vital nutrients and vitamins, but are also quite delicious. With meals like Stroganoff, Alfredo, and Baked Potato Casserole, the contents of this meal package look more like what you will find on a restaurant menu than in a survival kit. On top of it all, this package is equipped with meals for every time of day; so that means you will be satisfied for lunch, breakfast, and dinner.

If any questions arise about this ReadyWise Meal Package or any of Living Rational’s other products, contact our customer service team via our contact page. Make sure to view our full selection of 6 Month Emergency Food Kits for more long term food storage options.

Additional information

Weight 366 lbs


Meals Included

Package Includes:

  • 24 pouches of Cheesy Lasagna (96 total servings)
  • 36 pouches of Creamy Pasta (144 total servings)
  • 24 pouches of Pasta Alfredo (96 total servings)
  • 24 pouches of Chili Mac (96 total servings)
  • 36 pouches of Chicken Noodle Soup (144 total servings)
  • 36 pouches of Savory Stroganoff (144 total servings)
  • 24 pouches of Hearty Tortilla Soup (96 total servings)
  • 24 pouches of Potato Pot Pie (96 total servings)
  • 12 pouch of Teriyaki and Rice (48 total servings)
  • 24 pouches of Baked Potato Casserole (96 total servings)
  • 36 pouches of Tomato Basil Soup (144 total servings)
  • 36 pouches of Southwest Beans and Rice (144 total servings)
  • 24 pouches of Cheesy Macaroni (96 total servings)
  • 30 pouches of Strawberry Granola Crunch (120 Servings)
  • 30 pouches of Brown Sugar and Maple Multi-Grain Cereal (240 Servings)
  • 30 pouches of Crunchy Granola (120 Servings)
  • 30 pouches of Apple Cinnamon Cereal (240 Servings)


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