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50 Person First Aid Kit


3 Shelf First Aid Cabinet

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2 Shelf First Aid Cabinet


  • Ideal forĀ Permanent First Aid Solutions
  • Great forĀ General Safety and Emergency Preparedness
  • Includes Many Different Supplies to Cover All Needs

Lead time: 2-3 weeks

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The 2 Shelf First-Aid Kit is a sensible purchase for anyone who regularly finds themselves in situations where access to hospitals and doctors may be limited, at best. This product can act as a first line of defense, preventing small injuries from becoming more sever and potentially life-threatening. Affordable and able to be taken almost anywhere, this product is an obvious buy for campers, hikers, and outdoorsmen in general.

This first-aid kit comes packed with all the tools and supplies you will need to treat any number of mild to moderate injuries and ailments. With hundreds of bandages, plenty of gauze, and countless other supplies, no injury will be left untreated. Even if you have no experience taking care of injuries, this product is equipped with a first-aid guide that can help alleviate your inexperience. After all, not all of us are medical specialists.

If you have any questions with regard to this or any of our other products, do not hesitate to ask via an email inquiry. Able to join you on your next camping or hiking trip, this product is ready and available to be shipped. Though you may not be able to prevent injuries from happening, you can be prepared to face them head on.


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