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1 Gallon Wise Fire Fuel Source Bucket


4 Gallon Wise Fire Fuel Source Bucket

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2 Gallon Wise Fire Fuel Source Bucket


  • Start Fires Quickly and Easily
  • Weather Resistant Fire Source
  • Easy to Store

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This emergency fuel source is easy to use and will start fires right away. No harmful chemicals are included, making it extremely safe to use. Its lightweight build and durability make it one of the most practical emergency fuel sources and it will burn in almost any conditions. This is an incredibly crucial aspect of this product, especially considering you have no way of knowing what kind of weather conditions Mother Nature will subject you to.

The need for fire, whether you realize it or not, is a constant one. On a daily basis, we use fire and other heat sources as a means to fulfill a number of daily tasks. From drying clothes, to cooking food, fire really has endless uses and applications. For someone who finds his or herself stranded in the wilderness with no connection to the outside world, a fire, or any source of heat, becomes one of the primary concerns. This holds true almost everywhere, but is even truer in cold weather conditions and places where you may be soaked by rain or other precipitation.

This product not only facilitates your creating a fire, but ensures that the fire will be able to withstand unsavory weather conditions. After all, even if you are able to light a fire, there is very little you can do to prevent it from falling victim to high winds, lack of fuel, or wet conditions. This fuel bucket is one of our larger ones, so it will be good for starting more than just one, solitary fire. This means that if you are stuck or stranded for an extended period of time, a heat source will never be too far away.

If you have any questions about this or any of our other products, we encourage you to call our customer service department via our contact page. Make sure to view our similar products like the 1 Gallon Wise Fire Fuel Source and the 4 Gallon Wise Fire Fuel Source for more emergency fuel source options.


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