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Guardian 2 Person Survival Tube Tent


Multi-Function Survival Tool

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16 Hour Emergency Body Warmer


  • Keep Warm and Comfortable for Extended Periods
  • High-Quality and Durable
  • Important for All Kits

Lead time: 2-3 weeks


This Emergency Body Warmer provides heat at an average temperature of 130 degrees for up to 20 Hours once activated. Lightweight and compact, these body warmers can be easily stored in any survival kit and are environmentally friendly. Simply open the package, and the pack will heat up in only a few minutes once it comes in contact with the air. There are certain scenarios where heat is more precious than gold, and this product aims to provide that warmth if and when you need it.

Winter hikes, or any outdoor activity that takes place when temperatures are at or below freezing can be dangerous. Unlike most of the rest of the year, Winter weather (depending on where you live) can kill you if you are not aptly prepared to handle it. Just one wrong turn on your snowmobile ride and you may end up in an unfamiliar part of the woods without a clue where to head. With nighttime just around the corner, you have no choice but to shack up for the night and await daybreak. During those cold nighttime hours, this body warmer can help keep you comfortable, warm, and alive.

The utility of this product combined with how simple it is to use is what makes it such a practical addition to any survival kit. The body warmers themselves do not take up much space and are able to be stored even in a large pocket. When it comes down to it, anyone who adventures out into cold, wintry conditions should be equipped with at least one of these body warmers. After all, it is highly unlikely that, in windy, snowy weather you will be able to craft a fire for warmth. Even if a fire is feasible, this product can provide immediate and direct warmth in ways that a fire simply cannot. Even if you are set on crafting an open fire, these warmers can help keep you warm as you create your heat source.

If you have any question about this Emergency Body Warmer or any of our other Survival Equipment, you can reach out to customer service via our contact page.


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