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2 Gallon Wise Fire Fuel Source Bucket

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1 Gallon Wise Fire Fuel Source Bucket


  • Start Fires Quickly and Easily
  • Weather Resistant Fire Source
  • Easy to Store

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The 1 Gallon Wise Emergency Fuel Source Bucket can be used as a simple fire starter. Each bucket will start a fire right away and contains no harmful chemicals, making it extremely safe to use. It is lightweight and will burn in any conditions. The Wise Fire Fuel Source is great for cooking and will boil up to 60 cups of water with flames that last up to 20 minutes. You can keep it on hand for emergencies up to 25 years and you will see the same results. The Wise Fire Emergency Fuel Source is also available in 2 gallon buckets and 4 gallon buckets.

If you have ever gone on a camping trip or have otherwise found yourself in nature, you know that a hot fire can be as beautiful as it can be helpful. Fires can help provide warmth, cook food, and fulfill a boatload of other roles. Because not all of us are trained to use what Mother Nature provides in order to start a fire, this product can be of assistance. The utility of this fuel source is amplified dramatically when you consider how useful it would be in a survival situation such as being lost in the wilderness.

The 1 Gallon Fire Fuel Source Bucket is exactly what its name implies and is equipped with materials capable of easily starting a small fire. Able to be safely stored for more than 20 years, this product has an extremely long shelf life and can be used whenever the need may arise. While this product would be perfect for a weekend camping trip, it can also be of use in any n number of survival scenarios. Instead of wasting the time and energy it takes to find firewood and start a fire by hand, you can simply put this product to work for you and have a fire going in little to no time at all.

Whether it be boiling water, cooking food, keeping warm, or anything else, this product has almost endless uses. To top it all off, it is quite small and easily stored/transported. Officially, the 1 Gallon Wise Fire Fuel Source Bucket is capable of building a fire strong enough and lasting enough to boil 60 cups of water. When boiling water is the difference between being able to quench your thirst or not, it is pretty easy to see how, why, and when this fire fuel kit can be of use to so many different people.

This Emergency Fuel Source is in stock and ready to ship. All of our Wise Fire Buckets ship free of charge with no additional handling fees. If any questions arise regarding this or any of our other products here at Living Rational, feel free to reach out to us via our contact page. We look forward to assisting you and answering all of your questions.


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