Wise Emergency Food Review

Wise Company, based out of Utah, was created as the result of a split from Food For Health International in 2008. Wise was one of the first companies to utilize BPA-free metallic pouches for long-term storage rather than metal cans, and in doing so was instrumental in starting an industry-wide trend. All of their foods are sourced and packed within the USA.

Wise is renowned for the wide selection and great taste of their emergency food supplies. They have close to 4,000 reviews on TrustPilot, and have received an overall rating of 8.5. Wise’s customers really do seem to love the brand, and Wise offers a rewards program for customer loyalty and fantastic customer service. If you want to try before you buy, Wise even offers free samples of their survival food on their website. If you’re not satisfied with what you’ve purchased, Wise offers a money-back guarantee.

Other Wise Company Products

In addition to their emergency food supplies, Wise offers a full range of survival kits and gear, so you can get everything you need in one place. They sell a comprehensive catalog of camping gear. Additionally, they have a selection of emergency options for generating electricity, including portable solar panels and fuel less generators.

Wise’s website is very easy to navigate, and there is a helpful live chat available most hours of the day. They boast that their customer service is unmatched, and I have to admit that the experiences that I had when writing this article supported this claim.

Emergency Food: Choosing Wise-ly

Wise Food Storage is a company that understands the diverse needs of their customer base and has used their knowledge to create a food supply company that satisfies in taste, variety, preservation, storability, and customer service. Wise products have an impressive shelf life, with options that can last up to 25 years when properly stored. Their products are lightweight and are created using a combination of dehydration and freeze-drying techniques. Most items come in metallic pouches or plastic buckets and are “just add water”. Food orders come pre-packaged in stackable bins that do not require shelves.

Wise emergency food offers a variety of products to suit a variety of different needs, and their selection is broad enough that you can use Wise food products as inexpensive, grab-and-go meals, as supplies for a weekend camping trip, or even a year (or several) of off-grid living. For example, buyers who are looking for convenient options for preparedness can purchase the Emergency Backpack Bundle, which includes a 5-day supply of food as well as camping supplies.

Amount of Meals and Servings

Wise has pre-planned emergency food pack options that include 72-hour food supplies all the way up through 12-month food supplies. However, the amounts of the various contents of the packs sometimes list the amount of “servings” rather than the caloric value of the food–be sure to properly research exactly how many calories you are getting in each serving when you buy.

In addition to the bundle options, Wise offers a variety of “a-la-carte” freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, and meats, along with preserved dairy and eggs. If you’re not sure how much food you need for a given amount of time, the Wise website has a handy calculator that you can use to figure it out.

Wise is a good option for individuals with dietary restrictions and special requirements. Wise owns and operates the factory in which their food is produced, and the facility is nut- and soy-free. Additionally, Wise offers vegetarian and gluten-free options that are easily located on their website.

Wise does not offer very many options in the way of potable drinking water. However, they do sell a variety of equipment that can be used to purify and store drinking water, including emergency stoves for boiling, desalination treatment, and filtration bottles.

Shopping Wise Foods: Pricing

Wise’s pricing is competitive on most of their items. For example, Wise’ 72 hour emergency food supply pack, priced at $124.99, includes a “28 oz Seychelle Water Filtration bottle, 3 one-cup pouches of Wise Fire, four entrees, two breakfasts and two beverages for a total of 72 servings and 13,120 calories (2,186 per person, per day)”. In comparison, the 72-hour emergency supply pack from The Ready Store costs $83.99, but only contains enough supplies for one person (a total of 6,000 calories).

A-la-carte fruit, veg, and meat items appear to be about average, slightly above or below depending on the item in question. A single container (1lb 12oz) of freeze-dried ground beef from Mountain House costs $62.99, making the unit price $35.99/lb. One unit of freeze dried meat from Wise (at Wise, the freeze dried-meat only comes in a variety pack) costs $144.99 for 4lbs, making the unit price $35.24/lb. An oz of freeze-dried strawberries from Saratoga Farms at The Ready Store will run you $3.78/oz; at Wise, you’ll pay $3.12.

Most of Wise’s products are Wise brand, which may account for part of the reason that their costs are lower than other emergency food suppliers, like The Ready Store and Backpacker’s Pantry. Another factor that may be driving down costs is that many of Wise’s products are only available in bulk, while the Ready Store and Backpacker’s Pantry both offer a greater selection of smaller serving sizes for single purchase.

Shipping Times

Wise uses Fedex ground shipping, the exact cost of which is calculated depending on the amount of supplies that you are ordering. Be sure and make use of the Live Chat here–when I asked about shipping to Michigan, the customer service representative gave me an answer (next-day shipping with four-day transit) along with a coupon code for free shipping and 5% off of my total order. Wise also has “Flash Deals” all the time that sometimes include free shipping, so keep an eye on their website to take advantage of those promotions as they come.

When I asked the same question at The Ready Store, I was told that due to high volume, shipping would take somewhere between five and seven business days with three-day transit. Backpacker’s Pantry did not have a Live Chat option, but they use UPS ground shipping, and offer free shipping on orders over $75.

Worth Your Time and Money

Wise is not the largest or most established emergency food supply company, but their commitment to improving the quality of their products and procuring a loyal and satisfied customer base is impressive. Within the last five years, they have worked hard to grow their catalogue into the bountiful offering that it is today. This, combined with their superb customer service, truly shows that Wise is a company that will truly go the extra mile to make sure that their customers are happy.