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Welcome to the Living Rational survival guide. All of the articles in this guide have been written with the primary aim of helping our visitors to accomplish their goals, both with their survival gear and in any situations they may encounter. We offer general preparedness articles as well as information on how to build, maintain and store your survival kit. Be sure to also check out our Disaster Preparedness Guide for information on natural disasters, manmade emergencies and more.

Top Survival Articles

Below we have outlined our most popular articles relating to preparedness, survival kits and emergency food. With each of our articles we aim to be all inclusive to provide you with all of the knowledge you need to be better prepared for everything from natural disasters to SHTF scenarios and wilderness survival. In this way, we hope that we can help you become better prepared for whatever you are faced with.

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General Articles

There are several different types of articles that have been written for the purpose of the Living Rational Survival Guide. We are constantly adding more content, and are always open to new topic ideas. Below are some popular topics in the area of preparedness and survival that we hope you’ll find useful.

Survival Guide Topics

The topics covered in this section range from how you can create tools if you’re stuck on your own to how you can most efficiently use items that you already have to better your chances of survival. One important factor in any survival event is the consideration that you never know what sort of items will be readily available to you.

If you are in your home, for example, you are likely to be much better prepared than if you are out for a walk when you find yourself in a compromising situation. This is why it is important to have an understanding of how any given situation would be best handled.

Always be Prepared

Whether you want to learn how to build a shelter in the wilderness or you are just wondering the best way to go about preparing a survival kit for your family we aim to be your resource for information on how to accomplish your goals.

Our articles cover all areas of preparedness from SHTF scenarios, to wilderness survival, natural disaster survival and much more. We are always adding new articles to our survival guide, so be sure to check back soon. If you ever have questions about preparedness, survival kits, or any of our products you are able to get in touch with online via live chat or email.