When it comes to disaster preparedness, there are many resources available through the government as well as various non-profit organizations. On this page we’ll work to provide you with all of the resources available in the realm of disaster preparedness and conveniently group them into one place. View the links below for additional information:

Being Prepared for Natural Disasters

When it comes to being prepared for natural disasters, there are countless resources available to everyone. Organizations like the Red Cross and government agencies like and FEMA provide the public with various resources to become better prepared for everything from earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes to pandemics and nuclear disasters.

When preparing for a specific disaster, you should learn as much as possible about what to do before, during and after it occurs. Knowing what to do can greatly increase your chances of survival and decrease injuries. First you should start off by learning more about what the most common disasters are in your area. Then it is recommended that you view all applicable resources to become as informed as possible.

Below are direct links to a few of the most popular resources for disaster preparedness:

Emergency Checklists

Using an emergency checklist is a great tool to help you become better organized in your preparedness efforts, ensuring you will have everything you need during natural disasters, manmade disasters and other similar scenarios. These lists are generally very in-depth, and there are a variety of them for very specific disasters including earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and much more.

An emergency checklist is merely a list of supplies, resources and information you should have on hand for these types of situations. They are generally put together by top organizations like the Red Cross and FEMA. By running through a checklist once a year, you can ensure that you will be as prepared as possible for the next disaster.