Numanna Food Storage Review

Numanna was founded in 2011 by a husband-and-wife team when they discovered that the options available for emergency food storage were unpalatable and not very nutritious. They set out to create a company that would provide its customers with products that would allow them to “not just survive, but thrive”.

They wanted to make food storage products that people would want to eat as everyday options that are not just for emergencies. Numanna is generally more expensive than other emergency food supply companies, but you get what you pay for. Their products are a lot healthier, tastier, and higher quality. A great example of this is their line of Organic Emergency Food, which includes a range of 100% USDA Certified organic meals.

Numanna Company Founder

The Executive Director of Numanna, Daniel Brigman, is a patriotic author, speaker, and advocate for “the Constitution and a return to the American way”. He created Numanna as a way to provide people with healthy and tasty food storage, and to educate people about survival and preparedness.

There are strong moralistic and nationalistic aspects to this company; the old American themes of personal responsibility and self-reliance seem to be at play. In addition, the website claims that Numanna “assists veterans in several capacities”, although there does not seem to be any more information about what that means.

Why Numanna Food Storage?

Numanna is absolutely the best emergency food storage company when it comes to health and ingredients. They are the first and only company to offer a shelf-stable emergency food storage (the Numanna Organic Family Pack) that is non-GMO, no MSG, pesticide free, free of heavy metals, free of corn syrup, free of preservatives, free of aspartame, and organic.

Their emergency food supplies have a 25-year shelf life, just like other emergency food supply companies that use preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients. 

Numanna is also renowned for their great taste. The company set out to make a product that its customers would want to eat every day, and they have done so.

Numanna offers its customers a few different kinds of options to suit a variety of different needs. The categories include convenience packs, family packs, defender packs, combo packs, and no-gluten family packs. Also listed on their website are water and water filters, meats, organic and hormone free milk powder, organic foods, food storage, and sample packs.

Numanna has a toll-free customer service line and offers a 60-day no risk money back guarantee. Their website is fairly easy to navigate, although there are a few pages where the descriptions are incomplete.

Shipping Information

Numanna products can be bought at Living Rational with flat-rate shipping on all orders, big and small. We offer no-cost shipping via FedEx to the continental United States. Products will generally arrive within about 1-2 weeks after placing an order.

Numanna products come shipped in plastic buckets that a ridged for shelf-free stacking and storage. The buckets are fairly compact, and the Numanna website states that 12 buckets fill the space of an average-sized washing machine.

Numanna Food Pricing

In the single buckets (the smallest option available on their website), Numanna single servings end up costing about $2.40 for options that contain gluten and $2.52 for gluten-free options (after you factor in the cost of shipping). The cost decreases as you order larger amounts at once–the largest option (5,184 servings) is $7,007.75 plus $250 shipping or about $1.40 per serving. This option is meant to last “for more than a year”. 

In comparison, the largest emergency food supply that is available at The Ready Store is from Saratoga Farms. It contains 9,108 servings, 731,825 calories, and costs $3078.77 with only $12 shipping. The cost of a single serving in this option works out to be about $0.33. It is intended to provide a single person with 2000 calories per day for an entire year but could serve a family for a shorter period of time.

The higher cost of Numanna is no doubt a reflection of their higher quality. Some options in the Numanna Family Pack include multi grain cereal, cheddar broccoli soup, pasta primavera, sweet habanero chili, and pasta alfredo, the taste and texture of which are comparable to food that is freshly made. Comparatively, some of the options that come in the Saratoga Farms bundle include black beans, kidney beans, hard winter wheat, and buttermilk biscuit mix. These options are considerably more basic, and they are not organic and non-GMO as the Numanna foods are.

One issue that may make calculating the right amount of food to order from Numanna difficult is that caloric information for single servings is not available on their website. When you are thinking of making a purchase, be sure to contact their customer service hotline to clear up any confusion.

Expensive, but Worth the Investment

If you have the cash to invest in food storage from Numanna, it is definitely worth it. They are a small company that is working hard to provide top-quality products for emergency food storage to their customers. These are options so healthful and palatable that people would actually want to eat every day, which is something that cannot really be said about any other emergency food storage options.

Additionally, they do make some claims to offer education to their customers and assistance to veterans–this may be another factor that makes Numanna attractive, but there really isn’t enough information on their website as of yet to support these claims.

The way that non-GMO and organic products are grown and produced is inherently better for the planet than options that use pesticides, heavy metals, and other chemicals in them. Therefore, customers who are environmentally-conscious may find Numanna to be an attractive option.