Guardian Survival Gear Review

Guardian was born in 2005 when founder Daniel Kunz was inspired to make a 72-hour survival kit for his family after watching the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Kunz used items from retail stores to stock the kit.

In doing so, he realized that the cost of survival gear was so expensive that it was inaccessible to people who didn’t have the resources to drop a large chunk of change on good-quality emergency gear. The quality and dependability of your emergency gear can determine life or death in extreme cases, so skimping on quality is unwise.

Humble Beginnings

Kunz started the company with just $1000 in seed money from his father, a decorated Vietnam veteran called Glenn Kunz. At its beginning, the business occupied a 100-foot warehouse in California, but the tough little company survived the great recession of 2008 and has since grown to be a million-dollar operation with 15,000 feet of warehouse and office space.

Guardian’s products were put to an important test in 2007 during the season of wildfires that ravaged San Diego County, where Glenn Kunz and his wife lived. The elder Kunz family was forced to evacuate at a moment’s notice, leaving everything behind--except, of course, their Guardian Survival Kits, which contained supplies and all of their important documents.

Thankfully, the Kunz’s survived the fire physically unharmed, but their home was reduced to a charred shell, its contents turned to ash. Without the preparedness that they had through their Guardian Survival Kits, their situation would have been even worse.

Guardian is committed to providing its customers with affordable, top-quality survival gear. Since the company was born of a family effort, family is an important part of their business, and Guardian acts with integrity in its relations with employees, customers, distributors, and business partners.

Why Guardian Survival Gear?

Guardian has a comprehensive understanding of what survival gear is necessary for a variety of different kinds of people and settings. They offer options for customization in their kits to tailor them to different sets of needs. Customers also have the ability to brand their kits to their company, department, or agency.

According to their website, Guardian specializes in “disaster preparedness, long-term shelf life food and water, emergency evacuation, first aid, hygiene, light/communication, and shelter. They provide essential products for preparation for disasters, evacuations, office lockdown, and facilities management needs. Our kits are packaged in high-quality backpacks, rolling bags, and waterproof dry bags.” For a small company, they have an impressive list of buyers, including Walmart, Menards, Overstock, the Red Cross, the Detroit Police Department, and Fox News.

Guardian offers a selection of survival kits that are tailored to various different kinds of emergency situations, including earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, and tornadoes; there are survival kits available for between one and four people. Guardian also provides survival kits for pets. In addition to their kits, Guardian also sells wholesale survival products, products for long term food storage, and preparedness seeds.

Guardian Pricing

One of the central tenets of Guardian as a company is providing high-quality at low cost, and this is indeed reflected across their line of products. One of their more popular items is the 2-Person Guardian Elite Survival Kit, which is available at Living Rational for just $109.99, and is intended for 72-hours of survival.

The kit comes in high-visibility bags, and contains a healthy supply of sustenance rations: twenty-four 4oz water pouches, twelve 400-calorie ration bars, twenty water purification tablets (each treats 1L of water). In the way of tools, you’ll find a sixteen-tool knife, a notepad, a pencil, a sewing kit, a thirty-hour emergency candle, a three-LED flashlight, and waterproof matches.

Guardian covers all of your bases. In addition to sustenance and tools, the Guardian kits also provide for communication, hygiene, and shelter. For communication, each kit contains an AM/FM radio with headphones and a five-in-one survival whistle. There are also two emergency sleeping bags, two emergency ponchos, two respirator masks, safety goggles, a first aid kit, wet naps, pocket tissue packs, infectious waste bags, plastic storage bags, and a deck of playing cards.

In comparison, the 72-hour bag (“The SEVENTY2”) will run you $349.99 for a one-person kit, over three times the cost of the Guardian two-person kit. The bag contains most of the same things that the Guardian kit does, give or take a few items. The SEVENTY2 does not contain as many calories as the Guardian kit bag, but does include a tent; the backpack can also be used as a floatation device.

The Ready Store's Essentials 72-hour kit is another comparable option, and costs $128.42 per kit. This kit contains a Waterproof Document Protector, cell phone charger, and a 2-person tube tent, but is otherwise very similar to the Guardian Kit.

Shipping and Product Availability

Guardian survival kits and products are available for purchase at Living Rational. We do not charge any additional processing or handling fees. Orders ship via UPS or FedEx within 2-3 days of payment, and tend to arrive about one week after ordering.

The Verdict on Guardian?

Guardian is a fantastic option for customers who are looking for a good blend of affordability and quality, and is a particularly good choice for those who are just starting out in the world of preparedness.

No matter which product you choose, the bottom line is that it is important to do a bit of research on various products to make sure that you are choosing the option that is best suited to the individual needs of you, your family, or your business. Check each product page at Living Rational to learn what's inside our survival kits before buying online.