Emergency Checklists

Reviewing an emergency checklist with your family can go a long way if a natural disaster ever does occur. A checklist will include everything from spotting and dealing with potential hazards in your home to listing supplies you should have in your emergency kit. This provides you with an organized way to keep track of your preparedness plans all in one place. Below are links to some great resources along with printable checklists related to to being prepared.

General Emergency Checklists

Earthquake Checklists

Hurricane Checklists

Keeping an Emergency Checklist

Natural disasters occur all of over the world, including the United States, every year. Whether you live on the Eastern Seaboard and are preparing for the next hurricane, or live on the west coast and are getting prepared for an earthquake, keeping an emergency checklist is an important step in becoming as prepared as you can be.

When a disaster strikes, you generally will have little time to act, which is why being prepared long before one happens is key to making it out safely. While some disasters, like hurricanes, can provide a few days' warning from weather experts, others like earthquakes strike with virtually no warning.

Even before hurricanes strike, many people panic and flood local supermarkets, depleting them of some of the most basic supplies. Gathering some of the essentials and keeping them on hand before there is a even a warning can go a long way, and will provide you with more time to be prepared in other important areas.

Common Disaster Preparedness Supplies

While the specific disaster you are preparing for will in some ways affect which types of equipment you need, there are a few items that you will see recommended for multiple natural disasters. These supplies are meant to cover your basic needs when modern conveniences are unavailable. Some of the most common items include:

  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • shampoo
  • soap
  • other related hygiene supplies
  • non-perishable foods
  • water
  • blankets
  • flashlights
  • first aid kits/supplies
  • extra cash
  • change of clothes
  • rain gear

Owning A Disaster Supply Kit

When you start to piece together an emergency kit for natural disasters, you generally have two options. The first option is to put together your own emergency kit. This can be done by gathering supplies from your home or local hardware store, and storing them all in one place (i.e. backpack, duffle bag, bucket). The second option can be to purchase a pre-made emergency kit which already includes all of the supplies. These kits are sold on our website, and available to meet the needs of 1-person up to large groups of 10 people or more.

A pre-made emergency kit will include all of the necessities, including warmth/shelter supplies, food with an extended shelf life, water pouches, tools and other equipment. These kits are generally packed in duffle bags, backpacks or buckets and the supplies found inside come in water-resistant storage bags.