Creating Weapons In Nature

If you are stranded in an unknown part of the world, away from civilization, simply surviving is one of the most difficult things to do. For many people today, especially those who are accustomed to the countless conveniences that make their daily lives exponentially easier, being stranded is a situation they are more than likely completely unprepared for.


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Importance of Weapons and Tools

Surviving situations such as being stranded in the desert or lost in the woods is by no means an easy thing to do, and is made that much more difficult without weapons for hunting and protection. Though it is highly unlikely that you will stumble upon a rifle or bow and arrow, you can use the resources nature provides in order to make suitable weapons for hunting and protection.

Things like strong wood, rocks, and animal bones can be readily found in most any part of the world, and are the basic building blocks for many of the weapons that have helped humans survive nature and its many threats for thousands of years.

Weapon #1: Rock Knife

Creating a rock knife should always be the first weapon you craft simply because it can aid in the creation of so many additional weapons. To make an effective rock knife, you will need a flat, relatively thin core rock that will eventually become your knife. In addition to the core rock you also need another large, smooth rock in order to hammer away at the core rock and actually fashion your knife. Finally, you will need a smaller, sharper rock used to make a more effective knife blade.




Once you have pounded and sharpened the rock knife to your exact liking, you will naturally want to craft a handle with which to safely hold the newly fashioned knife. If you have a bit of extra clothing or are even willing to sacrifice some of the clothes on your back, you can wrap cloth around the edge of the rock knife and tie it into place with the fiber from the inside of tree bark or the newly formed branches of smaller shrubbery. Dried animal tendons are perhaps the best string found in nature, but before you have any weapons fashioned it is not likely that you will have animal tendons simply lying around.

Weapon #2: Weighted Club

A weighted club is another relatively simple weapon you can make with just a bit of harnessing material (string, plant fiber), a rock, and a strong stick. By splitting the top end of the stick into two (with your rock knife), you can then wedge a larger rock in the middle and secure everything together by way of whatever you are using as harnessing string. Keep in mind, however, that a weighted club will only be as strong as the string that is holding it together.



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When you have finally crafted your weighted club, you can use it as a hammer as well as a way to kill smaller, slower animals. A sharper axe-like weapon can be fashioned in a similar way by placing a rock knife in between the split stick and harnessing it in place.

Weapon #3: Bow and Arrow

A bow and arrow is another, more complex weapon able to be fashioned in the wilderness via objects that are readily available. Our Hunting, Trapping, Snaring, and Fishing article walks you through the finer, more detailed steps for crafting your own effective bow and arrow.




Weapon #4: Bola

A bola is yet another effective tool able to be used as both a means of protection and a weapon for hunting smaller game. Unfortunately, however, a bola requires one to have rope or similarly durable cords at their disposal. A bola is incredibly simple to create and only requires one to tie together 3 cords of similar length and attach decently sized rocks to the ends of each of the cords.




When you see a small animal, all you have to do is swing the bola to have it gain momentum. Then aim, and let it go in order to strike and incapacitate whatever it is that you are hunting. Depending on the size of your bola, it can be an effective weapon for warding off predators who may have you on their dinner menu.

Keep in mind, however, that in order for your bola throw to be as accurate as possible, the length of the cords cannot be such that controlling the trajectory of your throw becomes too difficult. To accomplish this, the bola should not be too long.

More Traditional Gear

As you see can above, each of these tools can be crafted from what nature provides. These weapons can be helpful for hunting small game, defending yourself from predators and even helping to craft other tools from the wilderness. Be sure to also look over our complete range of survival gear, which includes knives, tools and equipment to help you be better prepared next time you go camping, hiking, hunting or backpacking.