Build A Survival Kit

Below you can build your own customized emergency preparedness kit. Choose from our top recommended survival products and customize the pack to fit your individual needs or those of your family. Also be sure to view our emergency food supply products for long-term foods with a 25 year shelf life.

Step 1: Choose Your Bag

Choosing a backpack or bag to store your supplies is the first step in building a survival kit. Depending on the scenario you are preparing for, you will either want a bag that is easy to carry, yet able to hold all of the supplies you need or a bag that’s large and easy to store in your home.

Step 2: Choose Your Emergency Supplies

Once you choose a bag or backpack for your survival kit, you will need to pick the supplies you want to include in your kit. There are several main types of supplies, including food, water, communication, lighting, warmth and shelter (among other things). Below all of our survival gear is broken down into their respective categories.

Emergency Water Supplies

Water is one of the most essential items required in emergency survival situations. Below is a variety of water purification tablets, filtration systems and water pouches which are ideal for emergencies & survival scenarios. Our water pouches & purification tablets have a shelf life of 5 years enabling you to keep them on hand until needed and are lightweight & compact.

Emergency Food

Aside from water, food is arguably the second most important aspect of a survival kit. We have a wide range of both flavored and standard emergency food bars which have a 5 year shelf life, making them ideal to keep on hand for emergencies. Our food bars are all made with 400 calorie’s per bar.

Shelter & Warmth Supplies

Depending on where you live, keeping your body temperature at a normal level can prevent hypothermia and make surviving an emergency much more comfortable. We offer a range of emergency blankets, tents and ponchos to help you better deal with the elements.

Fire Starters & Fuel Sources

Creating a fire is important for several reasons. It will help keep you warm at night, provide you with light and enable you to cook in an emergency that knocks out your power. Below we have several fire starting tools and emergency fuel sources to help build a fire.

Emergency Lighting

Having flashlights and candles on hand for emergencies can make signaling for help easier at night and will enable you to complete important tasks in the dark. Below we have several flashlights and emergency lighting options.

First Aid Kits

Having a proper first aid kit on hand for emergencies can help you treat minor injuries and prevent the spread of disease. While some kits may not be capable of treating severe trauma, they can go a long way in treating minor ailments and injuries.

Medical Supplies

Having medical supplies on hand during an emergency can help prevent disease and treat minor ailments. We offer a wide selection of basic ointments and medicine that is compact and ideal for including in your survival kit.

Personal Hygiene Supplies

Maintaining personal hygiene can also prevent disease and infection while also improving morale. We offer complete hygiene kits as well as individual supplies to help you maintain sanitary conditions in an emergency.

Multi-Purpose Tools & Knives

Including multi-purpose tools and knives in your survival kit can serve several purposes. They can serve an everyday purpose and help with everything from cooking to building shelter and even making additional tools from nature.

Emergency Communication

Being able to communicate and receive the latest news is crucial in an emergency. With tools like an AM/FM radio or a weatherband radio, you will be able to listen to local news outlets. Other items like survival whistles and emergency help flags can help you signal for help.


Paracord is, in a way, similar to duct tape in that it’s uses are virtually endless. It can be used to make traps for food, build shelter and make tools along with a variety of other uses. This makes paracord an essential element of any survival kit.

Portable Stoves

Having a portable stove on hand can come in extremely handy in life-threatening situations, especially those which require you to cook food. Our portable stoves are compact and lightweight, making them ideal to include in any survival kit.

Storing Your Survival Kit

Once you have a survival kit, you may be wondering where the best place to store it is. If your survival kit has food and water inside of it, be sure to keep it out of the sunlight in an area that has somewhat stable temperatures of 40-60 degrees. This will maximize the shelf-life of the food and water, and ensure you get the most out of all of your supplies.

Because your kit is being stored for emergency scenarios, make sure you store it somewhere that is easily accessible and unobstructed. This becomes especially important if you live in an area that is prone to earthquakes. Doing so will ensure you are able to access your kit after a natural disaster occurs.