Best Survival Kits

What constitutes the “best survival kit” is not one factor or one checklist. The best survival kit is different for everyone because we all have different needs. The key to a survival kit or bug out bag is that it fits your needs and your environment. Be it urban, wilderness or somewhere in between, the best survival kit will consist of the tools you will need to last in an unforgiving environment. In this article we will go over all the supplies that will make up the best survival kit for you or your family.

Choosing The Right First Aid Supplies

The best first aid kit does not have every medical supply or piece of equipment. The best kit is one that is practical and that you can use in a variety of scenarios. It must have the medication and equipment that you are familiar with and are pertinent to your needs. It is usually best to build your own first aid kit with medicine and tools that you may need in a survival situation where medical treatment may be days away.

The basics are important such as band aids, antiseptic, pain killers, gauze, etc. However adding equipment like a suture kit, burn kit or braces will help you in the event that you encounter more serious injuries. Again, the most important lesson is familiarity. The best first aid kit in the world is useless if you are not versed in how the medicine and equipment is properly used.

The Right Amount of Water and Food

The average human cannot last much longer than 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food. The best survival kit should have a hydration pack. Most backpacks these days have a built in sleeve for a hydration pack, which will accommodate most sizes, usually 50 to 100 ounces. Another tool to ensure potable water in a survival situation is water filtration pumps or purification tablets. These are highly reliable water purification devices built for rugged environments and compact storage.

In terms of food supply, the best way to save on space while maximizing protein and nutrition is by packing energy bars such as Millennium Bars. They are compact and have a long shelf life (about 5 years) to last if your survival situation turns lengthy. Nuts are also great sources of vitamins minerals and protein. They can also be stored easily and keep for long periods of time.

Having An Adaptable Shelter

The best shelter in a survival situation is one that is compact and highly adaptable. Tents offer a perfect mix of these two worlds. They are built to be easily assembled and dissembled in a small, light weight package. With today’s technology they are also being built to accommodate several different configurations and a range of climates. They can keep you protected in subzero blizzards and scorching 100-degree heat. They can accommodate one person or be built to shelter 10. Studying your environment and anticipating the conditions you may be up against is the best way to prepare yourself and stock or build your survival kit with the right shelter.

Forms of Protection

The best survival kits and bug out bags are usually made from backpacks for ease of travel. That means that they need to maximize the space and pack as efficiently as possible. A knife, axe or military shovel gives you a lot of use in a small package. They can help in day-to-day camp activities but can also be used as a weapon in the event that you need to protect yourself. They offer the added bonus of working when you need them to; there are no moving parts to jam or ammunition to carry.

However, carrying a handgun can be a big force multiplier while also saving on space. The higher calibers, such as a .38 or .45, offer you a weapon with formidable stopping power and even the ability to down larger game. Experience and practice is key when preparing for protection in a survival situation. Before that life-threatening predicament, you should be well versed with your weapon of choice.

Complete Survival Kits

Many of the survival kits offered through our website include all of these items, and are pre-packaged in waterproof bags and backpacks. These pre-made kits are easy to transport and will include everything you need in an emergency including tools, food, water, shelter and clothing to name a few things. Pre-made kits are an inexpensive option, and will provide you with peace of mind knowing you are fully prepared for anything. We also offer bug out bags and emergency food supply kits that you can use in conjunction with your kit to ensure you are always ready for the unexpected.