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Obama Hands Down Order on Guns

Posted On February 1, 2016 at 5:01 pm by / No Comments

In planning for the US military’s procurement of arms and ammunition, President Obama handed down an Executive Order on January 4th that called for the Pentagon’s cooperation in acquiring only the safest small arms. More than just buying safer firearms, Obama’s Executive Order calls for the Pentagon to research ways to improve the safety of the weapons our soldiers carry. With preventing possibly deadly accidental discharge from taking place in mind, the president is now facing critics for this agenda.

Missing the Point

In response to Obama’s Order, former military personnel were quick to retort, claiming that the President’s direction is misguided. Former and current military personnel alike have made it clear that the president should not allow his homeland gun safety laws to overreach into the laws governing our armed forces.

Former high-ranking officers expressed the need for more lethal weaponry acquisition to be a top priority. A retired Army Major General, Robert Scales, was one of the most outspoken critics of Obama’s order, when he said, “Presidential involvement in small arms has been strategic and game-changing in our history. Obama comes along and tells the Army that, in this administration, money is going into small arms to build — not a deadly weapon, not an effective weapon, not a dominant weapon, not a lifesaving weapon, not a technological cutting-edge weapon — but a weapon that prevents accidental discharge. Give me a break.”

An official release from the White House more aptly breaks down exactly what the President was seeking by handing this order down. “The Presidential Memorandum directs the departments to conduct or sponsor research into gun safety technology that would reduce the frequency of accidental discharge or unauthorized use of firearms, and improve the tracing of lost or stolen guns. Within 90 days, these agencies must prepare a report outlining a research-and-development strategy designed to expedite the real-world deployment of such technology for use in practice.”

Really, the President is seeking out guns that will keep our soldiers safe, especially when they are holstered and not being fired. For many, however, this move is seen as one more step taken by the President to pacify this country at a time when pacification seems to be counter-productive.

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