NRA Plans 2016 Support Outreach Program

The 2016 Presidential election may be well over a year away, but the National Rifle Associations has already begun planning how they will reach out to voters to gain support for whatever candidate they decide to get behind. Fueled by many election wins throughout last year, the NRA is anxiously awaiting the challenge that presents them during election season in 2016.

A man by the name of Chris Cox, who is the ED of the NRA Institute for Legislative Actions, spoke to the Washington Times regarding what his outlook on how guns and gun laws will play into upcoming elections. He said, “As people learn more, and take a more serious approach toward their own security and the failure of the criminal justice system, they see these rare but horrific crimes. Whether you support or hate the Second Amendment, everyone wants something done.”

In a separate interview he said, “We now have carry laws across the country — not all great laws. But the doomsday prediction — that more guns are going to be the end of the world as we know it, more people will be shooting firearms and doing crazy things — simply hasn’t materialized. Law-abiding people have the right to their own protection.”

Outlook On Gun Rights Shifting

While it may seem like the United States is becoming increasingly anti-gun, the reality is very much to the contrary. According to a Pew Research poll, Americans today are more concerned about protecting the rights of gun owners than they are about controlling gun ownership. The official poll says that this is the case by a current tally of 52% to 46%.

Gun control really made its way into the spotlight in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting and a few other recent massacres. While the White House has made multiple attempts to severely limit the rights of gun owners, supporters of gun rights continuously point out that crime rates across the nation are on the decline.

The NRA is also seeing support for their organization rising which will undoubtedly help them and their lobbyists come 2016 election time. With more than 100 million gun owners in the United States, the NRA feels as though they can be a big player in choosing our next president. Even though these many millions of gun owners affiliate themselves with a variety of political parties, the NRA is the common ground between all of them. Seeing as most gun owners very much feel like their rights are being encroached upon in recent years, I would not be surprised to see many of these gun owners vote against their political affiliation in support of gun rights. While that much remains to be seen, early indications are that the NRA is going to be a huge player in the next Presidential race.

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