New York Pheasant Season Just Around the Corner

In most parts of the country, hunting seasons of all types are about to start up. Whether it be deer, turkey, or pheasant season, hunters are gearing up and readying themselves for a long and hopefully bountiful Fall hunting season. In some places, the population of animals to be harvested is at respectable levels and ready for the hunting season. In others, like most parts of New York, however, the population of animals to be harvested is just a fraction of where it should be.

Over 30,000 Pheasants Released

With the start of pheasant hunting season set for October 1st in parts New York, the state’s environmental officials have decided upon the release of up to 30,000 birds across public hunting lands in the state. 30,000 birds may sound like a large number, but when you consider the large expanse of space within which they may nest, 30,000 seems more like a drop in the ocean than anything else.

Officially, pheasant season begins in Northern and Eastern parts of the state on the first day of October, while Western and Central parts of the state will have to wait little more than 2 weeks after that until they can take their guns out into the woods.

In total, about 30,000 birds will be released on public lands, but these releases will come periodically both before and during the hunting season. During the summer, pheasants are raised on a state farm in Ithaca to adulthood. Given this specialized treatment, some of the nation’s biggest, healthiest adult pheasants can be harvested across New York. While most people associate New York with the city that boasts the same name, the reality of the matter is that this state is one of the premier hunting locations on the Eastern side of this country. Turkey and deer hunting is also extremely popular in New York, and those seasons are also expected to kick off in the near future as well.

It will be interesting to see, after hunting season gets underway, if the 30,000 birds released across the state will have any noticeable impact on the quality of New York hunting. My thinking is that hunters will naturally be able to harvest more birds, but that does not always come to fruition. With state officials keeping close tabs on the hunting season, we are sure to find out whether this massive release of birds will make hunting any better.

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