Hunting Licenses on the Rise in Georgia

Posted On February 19, 2016 at 2:34 pm by / No Comments

A bill that was just recently made public in Georgia is now being given a breather, much to the relief of the state’s many gamesmen. The bill is aimed at increasing the prices for hunting and fishing licenses in the state as a means of garnering some much-needed additional revenue for the government.

Representative Chad Nimmer, a Republican, spoke about how he wanted to gain more support for his bill before pursuing it further. In a statement, he said, “I’m building up education on the bill. If that turns into support, we’ll see where it goes. We get a lot of credit for pushing. I hope we get credit for taking a deep breath and slowing down.”

The bill not only looks to raise the prices charged for all sorts of different hunting and fishing licenses, it will be aimed at raising the price it costs to register a boat too. Right now, an adult in Georgia who would like to acquire a hunting license is forced to pay $10. Under Nimmer’s proposed legislation, that price would be raised to $15. It may not seem like much, but this simple price increase would result in millions of extra revenue dollars that could be put to good use by the state, or so Nimmer says. Being quite conservative, it is going to be difficult to convince the average Georgian that the extra money for licenses is at all worth it. According to Nimmer, the extra money brought in by the price hikes would be aimed at helping maintain Georgia’s diverse and plentiful wildlife ecosystems.

According to many estimates, Nimmer’s bill, if approved, would create about $10 million in additional revenue for the state. As of now, the bill has received some support from hunters and fishermen, but they have made it clear that they only support the bill so long as the money that is created by it is used to maintain state game lands and waterways. Over the course of this year it will be interesting to see just how much support Nimmer can drum up for a bill that will force many Georgians to pay more to participate in the hunting and fishing activities that they love.

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