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High-Capacity Magazine Sales Spiking

Posted On February 24, 2016 at 3:07 pm by / No Comments

With gun control seemingly a weekly talking point for politicians and media outlets, one cannot simply ignore this type of discussion. Add that to the fact that we seem to be talking about a new mass shooting every week and the topic of gun control is one that simply cannot be forgotten.

More recently, reports have surfaced claiming that sales of high-capacity firearms magazines are doing better now than ever before. High-capacity magazines are defined as those that hold more than 10 rounds, and even though they are banned in 8 states, sales where they are legal are setting records. The reason for the higher incidence of gun owners buying these magazines is the fact that they fear high-capacity magazines will soon be outlawed in their state as well.

States such as Connecticut, Colorado, New York, andMaryland have all set limits to the total number of rounds that can be contained in any one magazine. Colorado, for example, recently imposed a limit of 15 rounds per magazine after the Aurora move theater shooting that claimed the lives of 26. In this incident, the shooter utilized a drum magazine capable of holding well over 100 rounds. Since 1984, more than 30 mass shootings have seen the utilization of high-capacity rounds, and the reason for this is obvious.

As we look for ways to prevent further mass shootings from ever taking place, limitations on the quantity of ammo a single gun can hold seems like a great place to start. With that being said, however, so many of these magazines are being purchased now that even state-by-state limitations on magazine capacities may not be enough to prevent some real carnage from taking place at the next mass shooting.

Of course, any and all limitations placed on the capacity of a magazine is something that will be fought by gun rights groups such as the NRA. And, with that, the never-ending saga of what to do about the rising incidence of gun violence in the United States continues onward.

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