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GOP Debate Undermines Gun Control Talk

Posted On January 15, 2016 at 2:03 pm by / No Comments

Thursday night was when the most recent GOP debate took place in South Carolina, and it was a spectacle to say the least. Among the wide variety of topics discussed, one that came up time and time again was that of gun control. As you are probably aware, the Republican party is generally opposed to any increases on gun control as they interpret such moves as being a violation of their Constitutional rights.

Candidates Oppose More Gun Control

Of the participating presidential candidates, almost none of them came out in support of improved gun control. Instead of offering solutions as to how we can curb the rising incidence of gun violence in the United States, the participating candidates did nothing more than talk poorly about how President Obama has been handling gun violence. This seems a very counter intuitive way to find a solution to a very glaring, obvious, and embarrassing problem that only seems to happen in one country. There may be no perfect solution to the problem, but there is nothing going to be solved via senseless bickering.

This is interesting because it seems as though the Republican party is more interested in picking apart the White House’s attempts at curbing gun violence than they are at actually finding a solution. It seems as though we hear about more and more incidents of gun violence every week, and an end does not seem to be in sight.

A recurring theme across the US political landscape is the increased combativeness that is happening across the aisle in Washington. More and more often, it seems as though Republicans and Democrats refuse to come together to work out a viable solution to gun control. In fact, even Republicans seems to disagree with each other. The debate was a perfect example of this as Republican candidates for president couldn’t even agree with each other.

As we move further into this year, and the debates begin to pick up, you can bet that the gun control talk will only intensify.

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