Woman Lives Full Year Without Money and Modern Conveniences

If modern economies collapsed and the green paper money and shiny coins we exchange on a daily basis were to become worthless, how would you survive? Would you even be able to? These are questions Greta Taubert, of Leipzig, Germany, answered over the course of a year where she did not use a single penny to accrue any of her basic, daily needs.

This is often a situation people think about, but is almost never one which they choose to live out. Taubert, a freelance journalist, went a full year growing her own food, finding ways to clothe herself, and even found time for vacation. At one point she was able to hitchhike 1000+ miles to take some time off in Barcelona. Of course, when she was in Barcelona she continued her money-free lifestyle.

Now, after having lived through a scenario many people will thankfully never have to, Tauber has written a book entitled, “Apokalypse Jetzt” (German for “Apocalypse Now”). Her book is a recollection of what her time was like over the course of the year and what her experience taught her.

One of the book’s main teaching point illustrates the unsustainable nature of our modern society. One of her main points is that as consumers want more and more, nature is simply not able to keep up and will soon, after some time, be exasperated of all its beneficial, yet nonrenewable resources. She highlights this perfectly in a passage of her book which reads, “Our economic system is based on the perspective of infinite growth, but our ecological world is limited.” Not only is the book based on an extremely interesting endeavor, it can be used as a tool for exemplifying many of our current daily practices on both a macro and micro level and explaining why they will not be able to take us very far into the future.

Greta Tauber’s survival skills are clearly unparalleled, and her teaching points are ones that will provide a lot of insight into something most people pay very little attention to. Despite this not being the first book on a topic such as this, it is one of the first ever piece written by someone who has experienced living life without money and all other modern conveniences firsthand.