Which Seat to Sit In to Survive a Plane Crash

For years now, fearful flyers have sat in the terminal before a flight and have wondered about all the possibilities that could send that plane from soaring through the air to diving into the ground. In the event of a plane crash, the most realistic outcome is that no one will be able to survive. While this may be so, there are countless stories where a handful of people have survived catastrophic plane crashes that have claimed the lives of hundreds and hundreds. Most attribute this survival to luck, but a new study seems to have uncovered which plane seat is most likely to help you survive a plane crash.

In a study that looked at plane crashes where there were both fatalities and survivors, 17 plane crashes were examined. Upon analyzing these events, researchers determined that seats in the back third of the plane were by far the safest. For those people in these seats during plane crashes, the mortality rate was just above 30%. For most other areas of the plane, the mortality rate often exceeded 40%. The worst place to be sitting, as determined by this study, would be the aisle seats in the middle third of the aircraft. This area of the plan had a mortality rate of nearly 45%.

When it comes down to it, surviving a plane crash really does come down to luck. No matter where you are sitting on a plane, that huge chunk of metal, loaded with gas, hurdling towards the earth at hundreds of miles an hour is likely not going to be very favorable to your survival. This is why most plane crashes yield no survivors whatsoever. But, with this little bit of knowledge, you may end up choosing a different seat on your next flight. You know, just in case.