Washington State Couple Outruns Avalanche

Being that we are in the midst of the Winter season, the threat of an avalanche is an obvious one for many. For so many more, however, the dangers associated with avalanche-prone areas are unknown and often ignored. For one couple from Washington state, the dangers of an avalanche were made all too real when they were forced to outrun onrushing snow just a few days ago.

Though no avalanche is identical to any other, they are all dangerous and should never be messed around with. Unfortunately for many, there is no way for them to determine where avalanches can happen and that is why these same people are often the ones who find themselves buried alive.

Exploring Turns Dangerous Quickly

For Colby Dotson and his girlfriend Ashley Bechard, what was supposed to be a nice day of hiking through snow caves in Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest quickly turned into a life or death situation. On top of it all, the couple didn’t have just one avalanche to contend with, but rather two that came in relatively quick succession.

While visiting ice caves in the National Forest, the couple and their companions were quickly alerted by a thunderous wall of snow tearing down the mountain side.

Thousands of people visit the forest’s ice caves each year, and before venturing out they are all warned about the risks of avalanches. Of all natural disasters, it is generally agreed that people do not take avalanches seriously. This is perhaps part of the reason why avalanches have already claimed more than 30 lives this year. These walls of snow, ice, and debris can come tumbling down the side of a mountain at speeds of up to 80 mph and have the ability to cover just about anything in its path. Most often, people who fall victim to avalanches succumb to suffocation, hypothermia, or a lack of proper nutrition. After all, if you are buried under feet and feet of snow, there really is no surefire way to escape.

Luckily, the avalanche that Colby, Ashley, and their companions encountered was not all that serious and did not cause any harm. Still, the experience of having witnessed an avalanche first hand is something that these people will never forget. You must always be careful when venturing out into the wilderness, and even though a snowy landscape may seem non-threatening, nothing could be further from the truth. You must always take into account Mother Nature’s sheer power and the fact that it has the ability to alter your life and possibly even end it. Avalanches are no joke, and though these hikers survived this time, there is no saying how disastrous things could have become.