Utah Teen Survives Extended Period In Freezing Temperatures

Ogden Wildlife Management Area, located in Northern Utah, was home to a survival scene of epic proportions. This is especially true if you consult the teen who was at the center of this story, 14-year old Brayden Neilson.

When hunting with a friend, Brayden lost contact with him and when he was unable to find a pre-approved meeting spot, things really began to take a turn for the worse. As day turned into night, Brayden only became increasingly lost and increasingly hopeless. Temperatures quickly dipped below freezing and Brayden began suffering the effects of the extreme cold. In a statement made to responding medical crews, Neilson said that he began hallucinating and that every bit of shrubbery and greenery began looking like something that it was not.
During his wanderings, Brayden called his home time and time again. This proved to be pivotal as search and rescue crews used these cell phone calls to track him down and eventually make a rescue.

After some time walking without any results, Brayden decided to lay down and rest. After sleeping for an unknown amount of time, Brayden awoke and began walking once more. Eventually, he saw the lights of a truck and began running towards them. At this point, his mother had all but given up hope that her son would be found safely.

In an interview with Fox13 Salt Lake City, Brayden described his endeavor by saying, “I started to see people, like, everyone was in like Halloween masks just sitting there by the bush and I walk towards them and it was a tree. I got to the point to where I was walking and I’m so tired that I laid down, I took off one of my coats, set it down took my shotgun down and took a nap.” For the full interview, click here.

At the end of the day, this is but one more example of the human body being able to survive some of the most extreme conditions. This boy, aged only 14, survived conditions that even some experienced outdoorsmen might not be able to make it out of. Though we see stories like this every week, they do not grow any less unbelievable.