Utah Man Survives on Rainwater Alone

All the way back in August, a man from outside Salt Lake City went on a hunting trip that would end up being one of the most grueling endeavors he has ever had to face. When he was on a solo hunting trip this summer, Don Farrell was stalking a deer and as he approached it he stepped into an unseen ditch and that is just about all he remembers.

After his fall, Farrell woke up laying on his side and unable to move. For 7 days and 6 nights, Farrell laid on his right side hopeless and helpless. After 6 nights Farrell was rescued. He was just 2 miles from his home, but having fallen like he did, it would have been impossible to make it anywhere. Now, Farrell still has months of recovery left and parts of his side and back are still numb from laying down for an uninterrupted 7 days.

Perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of this story is the fact that Farrell’s wounds avoided serious infection. This is ridiculous because maggots were to thank for his avoiding infection. According to doctors, the maggots fed on bacteria in his wound and prevented any infection from becoming life-threatening.

Though everyone wants to know more about Farrell’s experience, Farrell himself does not know much of anything. In an interview, he said, “I never remember one night out of the six nights. I laid out there; don’t remember seeing darkness once didn’t know nothing, whether I was unconscious or what.” Farrell survived off of rainwater, which was both life-saving and life-threatening. By drinking the water that collected on leaves, Farrell managed to survive. The only problem with this survival method is that the leaves from which the water came were poison ivy, meaning that his tongue was swollen and became infected.

Finally, after spending days sweeping the area, family and friends finally stumbled across the beleaguered man. He then spent the next few months in the hospital and was only recently released, though he still has many months of recovery ahead of him.