Two Survival Stories in One Day at Glacier State Park

All too often during the summer, a fun day at the lake or waterpark can quickly turn into a disaster scenario unfolding before your eyes. Even the most careful and thought out expeditions can see a number of unforeseen events take place, landing you in any number of survival situations. At Glacier State Park, in Montana, two separate water-related accidents occurred yesterday. Luckily, none of them ended with loss of life.

12-Year Old Boy Gets Swept Downstream

The first incident involved a 12-year old boy from Georgia who was playing in the water near the Red Rock area of the park. The boy, who was playing atop a log, slipped and fell into McDonald Creek at a point in the creek where the flow of water was fairly strong.

After being swept more than 20 yards downstream in a fairly tight, hard to reach area of the creek, a Wisconsin man jumped in and brought the boy to the opposite bank. Shortly thereafter, Park rangers utilized life jackets and an inflatable kayak in order to bring the boy and his rescuer to the road side of the creek.

The boy and the man who rescued him were part of a situation that very nearly turned deadly. Where this unfortunate mishap took place was only a little upstream from where a women fell into the water and subsequently died after being thrown over Lower McDonald Creek Falls.

California Family Rescued After Kayak Capsizes

In the Glacier Rim area of the park, shortly after the Georgia boy was rescued, police, rangers, and helicopter units responded to reports of coolers, plastic bags, and other items floating downstream unattended. It was especially important that rescuer respond in timely fashion as the incident took place barely more than 10 miles upstream from Columbia Falls.

Before long, it was found out that a California family consisting of a man, woman, and two young children were kayaking when their vessel flipped over as a result of turbulent waters. Luckily, all four were wearing life vests and were able to reach the shore before too long. Rescuers responded quickly, but by the time they arrived it was clear to see that the family was already safe.

These two instances show just how easily a nice summer day enjoying Mother Nature can turn into a perilous situation. You can never be too careful when in nature, especially if you have minimal experience rafting, hiking, rock climbing, or doing any other intensive outdoor activity.