Teacher Welcomes Students Back With Survival Kits

There is no doubting that a survival scenario can unfold anywhere, at any time. It is because of this that we urge anyone and everyone to always be prepared for the worst. Despite the overriding belief that survival situations only happen out in the wilderness, the reality is that they can unfold just about anywhere.

Recently, a 4th grade teacher from Long Island did her part in teaching the value of preparedness by greeting her newly returning students with simple survival kits. On every one of her 4th grade students’ desks sat a simple survival kit equipped with tissues, band-aids, and some basic school supplies. Though the kits themselves were small, the message she sent her young, impressionable class is absolutely massive. She is teaching these youngsters the value of being prepared, even if it seems a bit strange to them.

It is stories like this that really warm the heart of any survival expert, because most often the value of being prepared is overlooked or undervalued. In recent years, there have been countless stories with regard to survival situations unfolding in the most unlikely of settings—schools, malls, movie theaters, etc—and it only makes sense that our nation’s youth be introduced to the value of survival kits and survival skills at an early age.

Though I am sure this teacher’s students do not realize it now, their teacher is not only looking out for their well-being, but also doing her part to lay the foundation for life skills that are really invaluable. Our hope is that more teachers partake in actions like this, because these are skills that can go a far far way in anyone’s life, but especially a child’s.