Surviving a Wisconsin Tornado

On June 16th, an F2 tornado ripped through the town of Platteville, Wisconsin and left a path of destruction in its wake. Plenty of properties, businesses, and homes were destroyed, but luckily, no human lives were lost. This is an especially significant statistic for the most injured of anyone from Platteville, Carrie Gates.

Ms. Gates was at home the evening the formidable storm struck, and found herself on the top floor of her home when the tornado was ripping through her neighborhood. Before she knew it, her and her entire house was being swept away by an insanely large, powerful gust of spinning wind. In only a matter of seconds, Ms. Gates was flung from her home and thrown onto her neighbor’s front yard. Though the entire ordeal lasted little more than a few seconds, Carries Gates was dealt a number of injuries, including two broken vertebrate in her neck, a few broken ribs, two more broken vertebrate in her spine, and a large number of other cuts and bruises. On top of it all, the breaking of her 5 ribs caused both of her lungs to collapse. After hearing all this, it is no wonder that Ms. Gates’ survival story is one for the ages.

She is still recovering from her injuries and is expected to be doing so for a while, but is thankful to be alive. Her husband, who was out actually chasing the storm that swept up his wife, came home shortly after the storm had ripped through Platteville only to discover that he no longer had a place to call home. Just getting back to his address was a near impossibility too, as police forces had most major roads and intersections blocked off. Fearing the worst with regard to his wife’s safety, Josh arrived home and began panicking before he was informed that his wife was alive and at a neighbor’s house. Relief immediately set in, but the story was far from over as ambulances were backed up and delayed and did not arrive for more than a half hour after being called.

This story of survival exemplifies perfectly just how much the human body can endure and still keep ticking. The Gates’ lives were changed in the blink of an eye, but they are thankful to be alive and have learned unforgettable information with respect to handling, and avoiding falling victim to, tornadoes. With this summer expected to dish out a whole host of major storm systems across America’s heartland, this story should serve as a major wakeup call for thousands of people who do not take severe storms as seriously as they should.