Survival Swim Lessons Bring About Cease and Desist Order

For parents of infants and toddlers, the thought of a swimming pool is not one that brings a smile to the face, but rather one that evokes terror. It is known all too well that swimming pools are especially dangerous to young children, mostly because of their inability to swim, increasing the likelihood that they will die of drowning. Florida is the worst of all the 50 states as far as children drowning deaths are concerned, and for the past 5 years one woman has been looking to change that.

Missy Das of Leon County, Florida has been teaching survival swimming lessons to young toddlers for the past 5 years, but was recently served a cease and desist order by the city.

Violation of City Code

According to city officials, Missy Das’ teaching of swimming lessons in her backyard is in violation of city code. Though she has been conducting her lessons for half a decade up to this point, complaints from neighbors forced the city into action. Citing complaints from neighbors regarding traffic and noise, the city was forced into action when they delivered the cease and desist order towards the end of April.

Das fully intends to fight the city’s move and will have a petition that she thinks will receive plenty of signatures. She said, “Florida leads the nation in childhood drownings. So, it’s an important issue that we cannot look away or ignore this. We have to do something about it. It’s our obligation as parents and community leaders.”

It seems as though the city is being extremely difficult with Ms. Das, but it will be interesting to see how things play out. We know how important it is to teach survival skills of all sorts beginning at an early age, so it is intriguing to see a state that sees more child deaths than any other prohibiting the teaching of these vital survival skills.