Survival Shows Becoming Increasingly Mainstream

Whether you have taken notice or not, American citizens are slowly but surely becoming obsessed with survival. While it is true that the number of survivalists is growing by the day, the craze is all about survival television shows. Something about seeing strangers suffer through conditions that seem unbearable really gets us going, and the list of shows that fall under that description is only beginning to grow.

Surviving Alone

The newest addition to the long list of survival TV shows is a show that goes by the simple name of “Alone.” In this show, contestants are thrust onto an island and forced to survive with just a few items. What is pushing these players is more than just the will to survive, however, because $500,000 will be awarded to whoever can survive the longest.

Able to bring just a few items, including fire starters, a hatchet, tarp, and small sleeping bag, the contestants are not really given much to aid their survival. They will be stranded on an island near Vancouver, where the weather is consistently unpredictable. “Alone” is made up of components from a number of other survival shows and this makes it particularly interesting to a wide variety of people.

At the end of the day, if this show does nothing else, it will drive home the fact that learning survival skills is a very important skill. Shows like this, though dramatized, show just how quickly a tough survival situation can turn into a life or death situation. One contestant was forced to tap out quickly because he was under the impression that he was being stalked by a bear. You can never have enough survival skills, but many people have none, so this show may open up the eyes of many people who can benefit from them.