Survival Lessons You Won’t Soon Forget

On so many occasions, survival scenarios unfold when people are in the wilderness and become lost or stranded. Left with nowhere to go, they are forced to become wholly self-reliant for the first time in their lives. Unfortunately, far too many people who are subjected to situations where this is necessary find themselves unprepared. Josh McKinley, a firefighter and paramedic from Georgia, wants this to change. Josh is helping people become better prepared for survival scenarios through his monthly “Lunch and Learn” exposition.

Basic Survival Skills are the Most Crucial

McKinley, who is also a primitive survival expert, wants to use his monthly meetings to help his local friends and citizens become more self-reliant in the event of a disaster. His lesson is a very straightforward one, and teaches that you only need to consider four priorities when you become lost. Those priorities are:

  • Shelter
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Food

McKinley stresses that it is the honing of these four skills that will help you survive a rough time in the wilderness. As opposed to people who tout the need for massive supply bags and other equipment, McKinley is a believer that knowledge of the aforementioned skillsets is all you need to increase your survival chances.

In an interview with a local Georgia news source, “The advantage of it is, you do not have to go to an expensive retail and buy a bunch of equipment. Once you’ve bought a piece of equipment and you are carrying it, then you are sort of stuck with it and you don’t get to really do anything. If you buy an expensive tent, now you don’t get to make shelter. If you buy an expensive water bottle, then you don’t get to learn how to make a bowl of a basket that doesn’t leak. So, the more stuff you buy, really, the less equipment you get to make. To me, the greatest fun to being in the outdoors is making what you need to get by, making what you need to survive and that can be made all kinds of stuff.”

All in all, McKinley is trying to drive home the point that while modern comforts make our lives easier, it is important that we do not become so reliant on modern conveniences that we are unable to take care of ourselves if and when that time might come. Survival gear is never a bad thing, but when that gear fails or isn’t there to help you, the knowledge put forth by people like McKinley is what will help you escape from the wilderness with your life.